Team Austeville: Chancellor Court

Meet Erick, Assistant Building Manager at Chancellor Court

If you live in one of Austeville’s two Chancellor Court buildings, you know the property’s Assistant Building Manager. It’s impossible to miss Erick’s big smile and even bigger heart.

A self-proclaimed “happy and grateful person,” Erick makes it his mission to ensure Austeville residents feel at home in their rental suites.

With certificates in building and property management from Vancouver Community College and Langara College along with a knack for repair work, Erick has all the technical skills he needs for his role.

“A lot of my job involves repairing things, that’s my forte,” says Erick. “I’m very handy and can do a lot of general maintenance repairs.”

But over the two-and-a-half years he’s worked at Austeville it’s not Erick’s skillset with tools that’s set him apart. Rather, it’s his approach to residents that makes him shine.

“I try to be the best for everybody in the building,” says Erick, crediting his mom with teaching him to be “non-judgmental, reasonable and moral.”

“I think about the residents. This is their home, and they should feel secure, happy and trustful about living here. Tenants feel comfortable and safe not just because someone can fix a leak, but because we make them feel welcome.”

Back home is a small farming town in rural Colombia where the main industries are harvesting coffee and sugar cane, and the average wage is about $300/month. Ten years ago, Erick left most of his family behind when he moved to the US to join his father. He began high school in Seattle before he had a chance to learn any English – an experience he admits wasn’t easy. But Erick is a quick learner, and by the time the family moved to Vancouver in 2017, he was a high school graduate fluent in English and ready to start his first job at a cleaning company.

Erick progressed up the ranks to become a cleaner supervisor and was then hired as a building manager at Vancouver Native Housing. Two years later, with the help of a recruiter, Austeville found him. But getting hired wasn’t a slam dunk – Erick had four interviews before he landed the Assistant Building Manager job. “The last one was with the CEO because he wants to meet every new employee,” says Erick, a move that surprised and impressed him at the time.

“I’ve come to learn that Austeville is a great company that really cares about their tenants and their buildings. It makes me happy to be working for a company that doesn’t second guess before quality and the priority of the people. Some of the residents have been here for 40 years, and I know why. It’s difficult to find people to listen to you and Austeville listens.”