Team Austeville: Bayshore Outlook

Meet Krista, Bayshore’s leasing and administrative manager

When you step into Coal Harbour’s Bayshore Outlook, you’ll meet Krista. In just a brief interaction with the building’s leasing and administrative manager you’ll notice her sincerity and welcoming smile. “I thrive on building connections and embracing the diversity of interactions,” she says. 

Peeling back the layers of Krista’s friendly exterior lies an analytical mind. She shines in the technical aspects of her role, from leasing administration and data tracking to comprehensive market analysis. With over five years of experience in the real estate industry, she’s now expanding her knowledge in urban land economics at UBC. 

When Krista joined the Austeville team in February 2020 there was a lot of uncertainty due to the impending pandemic. However, she says, Austeville’s leadership stood strong. Krista reflects that their unwavering support showcased the family-owned company’s true nature in ensuring the team felt secure and united. She says, “We got through it and thrived.”

To Krista, Austeville’s commendable handling of these situations stems from its family-centric ethos. She believes the company is unique in its values, culture and impeccable standards.  

It’s these principles that empower her to offer unparalleled service to the residents of Bayshore Outlook. “This building is situated in a prime location where lifestyle and luxury meet,” she says. Residents are primarily working professionals and a few young families and Krista says they have cultivated a strong sense of community and live in harmony together. “It really is a great place to live.“  

Away from her desk, Krista enjoys spending her leisure time cycling, paddle boarding and snowboarding. Austeville recently introduced her to a new love – running. Last year the company sponsored a running coach to help employees train for the 10-km Vancouver Sun Run. Krista was hooked. Not just on the running, but on the way it bonded the work team. And, the training was a gateway to a new pastime for Krista who followed her 10-km accomplishment by completing her first half marathon last fall. She’s training again for this year’s Sun Run. You can cheer on Krista and the rest of the Austeville running crew on April 21!